A Black Girl's Guide to Natural Hair Care

A Black Girl's Guide to Natural Hair Care


Are you having trouble with…

-not seeing any growth even though you’ve tried every new product on the market 

-dry, unmanageable hair that you are ready to chop off

-keeping up with a routine that makes sense for YOU and not your favorite blogger with a different hair texture than you

-finding a style that actually comes out GOOD on your hair even though you’ve watched almost every YouTube tutorial

-learning about confusing topics like hair types, hair porosity and types of damage


 In this 25-page guide you will learn about: 

*Hair Growth and Length Retention
*Hair Types & Porosity
*Best Tools for Curly Hair
*My Holy Grail Products & How to find Yours
*Wash Day Best Practices
*How to Keep Your Hair Moisturized
*Protective Styles & Low Manipulation Styles
*BONUS: DIY Hair Product Recipes

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When I first started my natural hair journey in 2012, my hair was damaged from going to the hair salon every 2-weeks to get my hair straightened. This left my hair with straight ends, no volume and dry. I had no idea what my curl pattern was or why my hair took over an hour to detangle. I also had no idea that my coily, kinky hair had the potential to grow past shoulder length which is what it had been for as long as I could remember.

Since then, I have been able to grow my hair to waist length and keep it moisturized, healthy and have my curls POPPING. While it didn’t happen overnight, I learned strategies and tips that will help you learn about your hair, determine a hair regimen with the right products and tools and prevent breakage so that you can see your true length.

This is why I created my e-book “A Black Girl’s Guide to Natural Haircare” so that you can have an easy to read guide to get your natural hair journey back on track to get healthy, defined and long curls.