My Top 5 Study Tips for College Students


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Now that I am entering my senior year of college, I have learned a lot of study tips for college students to have an academically successful semester. I hope these 5 study tips for college help you get through your busy schedule, homework, projects and exams. 


Choose the perfect device

My number one piece of advice is to invest in a device that is going to work for you and be convenient for your lifestyle as a college student. It is very likely that your professors will assign homework and papers that will have to be completed with a computer. I have even had classes in the past where a device was mandatory for in class activities. Additionally, if you prefer to take notes digitally and save paper, you are going to want a device that will make the process easy and efficient.

One thing to consider is the size and weight of the device so you can conveniently travel between your dorm, class, work and any other extracurriculars you may have throughout the day. Also, you should make sure the device you choose has a long battery life for long days. I enjoy studying outside and the worst thing is to have to leave my spot to go find an outlet.

The device that checks all of the boxes is the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 which has a touch screen and detachable keyboard. I personally think this device is awesome because it can be used as a device or a tablet which is awesome for class and studying wherever you want (at a desk, in a lounge chair, or in the bed). 


In case you are a little nerdy like me, here are a few more details about the tech-specs of the Microsoft Surface Pro 6:

  • Ultra-light and versatile

  • 13.5 hours of battery life 

  • Touch screen and detachable keyboard

If you are interested in adding the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 to your back-to-school checklist, make sure you shop at their website and don’t forget to add the keyboard and pen to your cart to be ready for your first day of class. Check out their exclusive back to school bundle that includes the Surface Pro 6 and Type Cover here.


Become a Pro at Time Management

Time management is one of the most important skills to learn as a college student. Once things pick up with classes and clubs, you may feel like you are being pulled in every direction. Here are a few tips to get your life back in order:

  • Use a paper planner and color code important dates (exams, breaks, due dates)

  • The Outlook calendar is helpful for organization and you get $20 off of Office with a Surface purchase.

  • Schedule time to study and do homework and set a reminder on your phone

  • If you have trouble staying on task, set a timer for 25 minutes to work (with no phone or distractions) and take 5 minute breaks in between

  • Know that it is okay to say no to anything that will distract you from getting you academic responsibilities in order--always be a student first!


Find Your Favorite Study Spot

I personally never step foot in the library because going to school in Los Angeles means that there is great weather and great places for me to get work done outside. Look around campus and try out new spots until you find a place where you can be productive and are excited to show up.

Perfect Your Studying Methods

What worked for you last year might not work for you this year when it comes to studying methods. I say this because classes get more challenging, professors change and so do expectations. During the first weeks of class, consider asking your professor what the best way to study for the course is. 

Experiment with using flashcards, taking quizzes and reviewing old homework to prepare for exams. Also, if you take notes on your Microsoft Surface Pro 6, take advantage of features like the Surface Pen to scribble footnotes and reminders on important things to know.

At the end of the day, your grades will show you what methods are working for you! Also, ask peers that you know are succeeding what methods they suggest using to do well in the course.


Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

At the end of the day, you are in charge of your grades and your academic success. Look into what free resources your college has for students to get course help. A great place to start is with office hours with your professor. This is a great time to go over concepts you did not understand or questions on homework or exams you got incorrect. Lastly, don’t forget the internet is your friend--do a quick search for a video tutorial to help you with where you are struggling. 

I hope these tips help you jumpstart your successful semester. Leave a comment with one of your helpful study tips and don’t forget to set the foundation with an awesome device.

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