Let me answer some of your questions…

My favorite part of my day is getting to read the questions that you guys have about college, hair, life, anything! However, sometimes I am too busy to respond to everyone’s inquiries. Because of this, here is a list of questions I get most frequently. This page will be updated periodically to accommodate new questions.

Can you help me get into college and get scholarships? Will you read my admissions essay? Tutor me on the SAT/ACT?

Of course! Head over to yougotintowhere.com for awesome admissions freebies, my college admissions blog, and information on my tutoring and advising services. Make sure you join our student group as well on Facebook.

How did you get a full-ride scholarship to USC? NYU? UMiami?

All three schools do not have separate “applications” for the scholarships. They simply select candidates from the students who applied for admission to the school. During early February of my senior year, I was notified that I was being considered for the scholarships and I would have to go to each school’s campus for an interview. *NYU did not have an interview, I just had to go to campus to confirm the award.

University of Southern California: Presidential Scholarship (half-tuition) + Wallis Annenberg Scholarship (half-tuition) Read more about USC scholarships here.

NYU: MLK Scholarship ($45,000/year) *Only 30 people/65,000 applicants were awarded. Read more about NYU scholarships here.

UMiami: Hammond Scholarship (full-tuition)
Read more about University of Miami Scholarships here.

How did you grow your hair so long? What products do you use in your hair and where can I buy them?

Lucky you! I have a whole Natural Hair Starter Kit which includes photos, tips, videos and a list of all my favorite products and links to buy them. Click here to go to the kit. 

I heard you wrote a book! How can I get a copy?

My book is available in e-book and in print. Click here to get your copy!

How long have you been on YouTube? 

I have been on YouTube since 2012. I started my channel in middle school! YouTube is a long-term commitment and everyone grows at a different pace.

What equipment do you use for your YouTube videos and blog photos?

I started off using a Canon T3i for almost 4-years! At the end of 2017 I upgraded to a Panasonic GH4 (DSLR, videos) and added a Canon G7x MII (point-and-shoot, vlogging) to the mix as well. Both cameras have wifi which means you can do remote shooting from your phone. Shop my equipment favorites here. 

You do so much! How do you stay motivated and balance school, YouTube, your businesses, and sanity?!

I keep all of my thoughts and ideas in a notebook. I fill notebooks like nobody’s business. I am also really big on setting long-term and short-term goals.