I currently attend the University of Southern California located in Los Angeles, California. Unlike most who go to college close to home, spent my whole life on the east coast between living in both the north and the south. I decided to move for college and now that I have finished my first semester I can say that there are a few pros and cons of going to college out-of-state.

Pros of Going to College Out-of-State

You Get to Experience a New City

After moving from Atlanta to Los Angeles, there are a lot of differences I have found living on the west coast. Being in a new state means that I can participate in activities I could not do at home. For example, I never grew up living in close proximity to the beach. Now that I go to college out-of-state, I am only a 20-minute ride away from the ocean.

The Weather is Better

If you are moving to a warm climate, the weather in your new destination will be a lot more favorable than that back home. While this is not always the case, I am really glad that I chose a school in a warmer climate so that I can study outside and do activities all year round. I do not have to worry about rain or snow in southern California.

You Meet New and Different People

Moving to California was a breath of fresh air for me. Seeing people of various ethnicities and colors walking the street makes me feel as though I am studying abroad. Los Angeles is home to many international families and has various communities from those groups. It is easy to run into someone who was born outside the US, is participating in a hobby you’ve never heard of, or is someone who you would not typically find in your hometown.

Cons of Going to College Out-of-State

Homesickness is Inevitable

I am not only out-of-state, but I am in a different time zone in LA. Also, I have to calculate a three-hour difference when I am deciding whether it is too late back home to contact people. I did experience some homesickness while in LA, but it is important to find ways to make your school your new home. I finished my first semester of college and now USC feels like home. Homesickness is just a part of the moving process and you will adjust, just like many other students before you have.

Now that I am done my first semester of college, part of me feels like USC is a new home for me. Homesickness is just a part of the moving process and you will adjust, just like many other students before you have. USC is filled with international students so my situation is minuscule compared to students who have traveled all the way from China and may not get to visit home at all.

You Can’t Visit Home When You Want

When you go to college close to home, it is easy to get your parents to come pick you up or take a ride home with a friend. Another con is that you have to purchase flights and schedule travel ahead of time. This can be expensive. And, instead of being home in an hour, you have to make time for a full day of travel. Also, if your school is too close to fly, but far enough that driving is a hassle, parents may not be as willing to come pick you up for a quick weekend back home (not to mention they have to drive you back!).

Interested in hearing more about my move from Georgia to California? Watch my YouTube video that covers the Pros and Cons of Going to College Out-of-State.