I finally decided to create a new website using the platform. After watching endless YouTube videos and reading blog posts on website building, I realized that I wanted to switch to WordPress. For those who are not familiar, WordPress has two platforms, and I was familiar with the .com version but not the .org version (which I am using now). With the version that I am now using, I have the freedom to customize my website. Plugins, free and paid templates, and even the ability to use my own codes are now available at my fingertips. I am excited to explore and see how I can use these skills beyond just my personal website. So far I have worked with Squarespace, Wix, and and I have gotten a pretty good feel of each platform.

What I didn’t like about

I loved the drag and drop features of Wix and the ease to create something that looked great. However, many times when I wanted to switch my template (which you can’t do on Wix after choosing one) I couldn’t make those changes. Another downside to Wix was the blogging platform. I was unable to successfully incorporate monetization into my website, which I easily did with WordAds on a previous WordPress website. Lastly, when incorporating many ad-ons, text, and animations on the Wix website the load time was very slow.

What I hope to gain from using WordPress

The WordPress platform is used on almost 25% of websites on the internet and as a content creator, I see it fit that I tackle the challenge and learn this new platform. The options are endless and hopefully, they will give me the tools to create a beautiful personal website and websites for future clients.

In the end, I constantly want to be improving, updating, and rebranding according to my vision for myself and my platform. I want to be as easily accessible to my audience and showcase my work in the best way possible.

Leave a comment to let me know what you think of the new website and if you are familiar with the platform, please leave me some tips!