This past week I had the privilege of doing a fashion shoot for Tomas Mikal Ford, better known as “Tommy” the actor from the hit TV sitcom “MARTIN.” The shoot is for his new clothing line, “Tommy by VERSE 9” which features men’s ties and bowties for big and tall males.

Check out the collection at

The photos from the shoot are being released on the VERSE 9 website and social media. I have inserted a few below:

This was my first shot at taking professional fashion photography for men. The shoot lasted a total of four hours and I took the shots on a white backdrop with two studio lights.  I used Photoshop to remove the backgrounds of the photos and do minimal touch ups.

These photos will be used in promotions for Tommy’s line including but not limited to: website advertisements, email blasts, postcards, and posters.

The struggles of this shoot included working with my limited lighting options and choosing poses that were flattering to the neckwear products Tommy wore. With the focus on the accessories, it was important for me to make sure the shot composition drew the viewers eye to the products.

Another part of the project was filming a short promotional video which can be found here:

It is one thing to do photography as a hobby, and another to do it for a job when you know your finished products will be used. Overall, I am really proud how these photos came out for my first go around. The worker at Office Depot even complimented me on the professionalism of the shots when I got a few printed poster size.

 I am excited to see where I will be using my photography skills next.

 Until then…