Today my friend and I went to the High Line in New York City to eat some good food and take a few pics. It was about 88 degrees outside (yikes) but the macaroni and cheese empanada I had from La Sonrisa made it a little bit better. Scroll a little for information on the pieces I am wearing in this outfit!

Top (it’s a dress tucked in!): Forever 21

Pants: Zara

Shoes: BCBG Generation

Bag: Forever 21

Jewelry: Necklaces/F21, Watch/The 5th Watches, Earrings/Flea Market

Just copped this lip stain from the Sephora line. They actually stay on all day! (Tip: add some translucent powder over your lip color to prevent smudges when drinking/eating)

^That macaroni and cheese empanada I was talking about! Delicious and only $4 too.


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